Granite is expensive, but offers many benefits in a high usage area like a kitchen. Additionally, its aesthetic appeal is unmatched by any other alternative.
A natural stone of immense beauty, granite is available in many colors and finishing ...



Wood counter tops, made using strips of thick wood joined together, are durable with care, attractive and functional, especially if you chop a lot. They are easy to clean as well and you can remove scratches by sandpapering ...



Corian is made using acrylic and or polyester plastic. It comes in many colors and designs, including granite look-alikes, and is available in a matte or glossy finish. It is water resistant, does not usually stain and is easy to clean. Unaffected by chemical ...


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Design granite in kitchen – questions and answers

Welcome to the questions and answer section. This section is created with your help. We put here for frequently asked questions with answers by our experts. If you won’t find answers to your questions, please contact us at: info@granite-kitch... Read More


Kitchen with white painted cabinets.


Is a trendy kitchen is your dream? Decorate it with white. White kitchens look spacious and fresh. White cabinet fronts are usually painted and have impressive shining. Are white kitchens nice? The opinions are on yes and on no. We like them, and you... Read More


Loft conversion ideas to manage space under the angles.


Today's advice I am addressing primarily to people who are happy owners of apartment or house with attic. I was inspired by my friend complaining of too little space, although the house in which he lives is a pretty impressive size. I quickly came to... Read More


Designs tips how to enlarge your small house.


I'd like to write how to use furniture to increase your space if you own a small apartment. The principle rule used by designing small rooms is quite simple: the smaller the house or, the more functional should be the furniture. They s... Read More


Biggest home and apartment interior design mistakes.


The 5 biggest decorating and design mistakes homeowners make. Most homeowners have experienced the frustrating task of trying to redecorate their homes themselves. While hiring an interior designer is always ideal, sometimes this is not an option. T... Read More


Granite countertops colors


In today’s kitchen designs, granite can be both the focal point and it can be designed to appeal to the rest of the kitchen. There are a few main principal to follow when selecting the color of your countertop: When designing a kitchen smal... Read More


Types of granite countertop edges


Below you can find pictures of edges that you can use in your kitchen. As you can see, there are many kinds of edges available for a stone countertop. A standard table countertop (and profile) is made of 1.25" thick slabs. It is possible to achiev... Read More


Best kitchen and bath design tips – selecting countertop color.


When you use natural stone for many of your home projects you are acquiring art that has been made by nature.  This natural art took many years for nature to create and this means that there will be some flaws that you’ll have to consider.  Natur... Read More


Modular kitchen photos


What is Modular Kitchen? Modular kitchen is a ready made kitchen which has a set design and can be fixed easily. These sets come with different styles, shapes & sizes depending on your requirement & based on your kitchen size and it also loo... Read More


Granite kitchen countertops


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. If you’re planning to do a home improvement, then your kitchen should on the top of your list. People said that everything good started from your kitchen. One of the most important parts of your kitchen is g... Read More


Types of solid surface countertops material.


The choices can be confusing –there’s so much available in kitchen counters. From natural stone like granite and marble to synthetics such as Formica, Ceramic tiles, Corian – even environmentally damaging products like wood. So what should you ... Read More

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