Granite is expensive, but offers many benefits in a high usage area like a kitchen. Additionally, its aesthetic appeal is unmatched by any other alternative.


Wood counter tops, made using strips of thick wood joined together, are durable with care, attractive and functional, especially if you chop a lot. 


Corian is made using acrylic and or polyester plastic. It comes in many colors and designs, including granite look-alikes! It is repairable.




Create a visual representation of your kitchen design

Well this is something revolutionary in Kitchen Design. 2D Showroom is a tool that allows you to create a visual representation of your kitchen design. Start with the layout that matches yours and then customize the cabinetry, walls, floors, and of course countertops. You can even print the results for later reference! You can try

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Top 20 Kitchen Design Ideas (PHOTOS)

If you’re ready to design a kitchen but don’t know where to start, we’ve got just the thing to help. offers this amaizing design tools that help you design your imagination easly. We have gathered some of the most impressive projects of DUTCH-INSPIRED ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 20

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Design granite in kitchen: Questions and Answers

Welcome to the questions and answer section. This section is created with your help. We put here for frequently asked questions with answers by our experts. If you won’t find answers to your questions, please contact us at:, we answer every question, and most interesting we will display on our website.   Q: What

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Kitchen With White Painted Cabinets

Is a trendy kitchen is your dream? Decorate it with white. White kitchens look spacious and fresh. White cabinet fronts are usually painted and have impressive shining. Are white kitchens nice? The opinions are on yes and on no. We like them, and you? White kitchens are becoming more popular. White is the universal color,

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Loft Conversion Ideas To Manage Space Under The Angles

Today’s advice I am addressing primarily to people who are happy owners of apartment or house with attic. I was inspired by my friend complaining of too little space, although the house in which he lives is a pretty impressive size. I quickly came to the conclusion that the main problem is lack of ideas

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Designs Tips: How To Enlarge Your Small House

I’d like to write how to use furniture to increase your space if you own a small apartment. The principle rule used by designing small rooms is quite simple: the smaller the house or, the more functional should be the furniture. They should not be too much and too big because then instead of spaciousness and comfortable coziness, you will get a very creative clutter effect. I have prepared for you some practical tips to help you save more space in a small apartment: Put the multifunction furniture like this: Sofa

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Create a Visual Representation Of Your Kitchen Design